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Adam DuVander

I help developers be productive and creative. Call it "developer marketing" if you must. I work with the best developer-focused companies through my consulting practice. I've held full-time roles at API juggernauts Zapier, SendGrid, and ProgrammableWeb (where I served as the first editor). Before that, I wrote the book on map scripting and covered developer topics for Wired.

I live in Portland, Oregon, with my beautiful wife and amazing kids.

You can sometimes find me laughing at myself on Twitter:

Wired Blogger
ProgrammableWeb Lead Writer
Map Scripting 101 Author
ProgrammableWeb Exec Editor
SendGrid Developer Communications
Orchestrate Developer Relations
CenturyLink Cloud (acq Orchestrate)
Zapier Developer Marketing

My Projects

I like to help people be creative and show off what they've made.


Everyone can do developer-like work and APIs are one of the things that help them do that. I get people started with the APIs every developer needs to know.


Don't call it a day job. My passion is helping developer-focused companies better reach and engage their audiences through authentic technical content.

Simplicity Rules ®

This is my personal blog and place to share tips on keeping things simple, in both your own life and the things that you create.

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years writing

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What I Actually Do

I've grown accustomed to people not quite understanding what I do. Let me attempt to explain...

Observe & Create

I explore new developer-focused technologies and try to understand the trends behind the hype.

Gather Developer Feedback

I talk to people using and creating developer tools and learn about their experiences.

Translate Technology Trends

I translate back-and-forth between the technical and non-technical to put trends into context.

Write & Speak

I share what I've learned through tutorials, blog posts, whitepapers, workshops and speaking engagements.

Adam holds unique insight into both the technical merit and business potential of a vast range of APIs and web services.


Companies, tech conferences and industry groups ask me to share my perspective on APIs, cloud services and the changing developer landscape.

John Musser

John Musser

API Science

One of the best decisions I ever made at ProgrammableWeb was hiring Adam. From his early days as a freelance contributor when he proved his mettle as not just a writer and industry expert, but also as a great member of the team. So he was the clear choice when we needed someone to take the helm as our first Executive Editor. Since then, not only did he step up to this new role, he excelled: he hired and managed an first rate team of writers and guest experts, expanded our consulting practice (with brand name clients), and lead PW on a disparate set of needs.

Daniel Jacobson

Daniel Jacobson


I got to know Adam when contributing some guest posts to ProgrammableWeb. During those efforts, I found Adam's feedback to be very insightful in refining my thoughts as I wrote the posts. Some of my posts get somewhat technical and his ability to dig into the technical issues while maintaining editorial consistency is a rare combination. Since those days, Adam continues to be a resource for me (both through PW and through other avenues) as he keeps his fingers on the pulse of the API world.

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